Thursday, September 29

I've arrived a little late to the party...

 I was recommended to document my weight loss journey. At present i sit at 2stone 8 lb off from my starting weight. But it will continue.

So what kicked off this adventure. I had been gaining and gaining weight and clothes were starting to get bigger and bigger. I was on a perpetual downward spiral which i didn't like at all.  

I was having gastro/intestinal problems that the medical profession couldn't find out what was causing it. 
I had to do something....

So i started walking and trying to eat less and more sensible. Instead of a choc bar i was eating an apple or other fruit. I was starting to have a balanced diet of just eating 3 times a day and a small snack in between. BTW snackajacks are life savers. The healthy alternative that actually tastes nice. But i had a problem with them. They were too nice. And i would of ended up eating  a half packet or a full packet within a full day. So they had to be replaced and just stick completely with fruit or veg. 

So i took out gym membership and started. It nearly killed me at the start, but it was at the start. I was using the machines and filling swimming pools with sweat. I found it so hard at the start to the point where many times i felt like giving up. I would start a machine exercise and it was a 15 minute programme, I was that unfit that i had to stop twice or only complete 5 or 6 minutes on each machine. 

But as the weight loss continued i realised i was able to stay on the machine for longer and finish all of the programme and add extra time on. It was adding such a drive to my weight loss.

But there is one thing that i always remember, i've went through weight loss schemes before and it was all for a particular reason. For a job, a person or whatever. This one is all for me. I'm doing this for me, not for a job. The purpose is me and that's the winning formula.

Sunday, January 3

It still hasnt gone away ya know

Its been a while.... I had deleted all my blog posts a while back and i cant remember when....or why. Blogger was one of my first journal adventures. It is raw, it is your thoughts and a keyboard and there is something i love about that. It's the very first Facebook status update. There is something champion about that. I joined the world and adventure of blogger all thanks to the influential Pete Martin. It was and still is raw. It is an avenue that i loved to walk down and one that if i'm honest, gathered more excitement and hope that i was good at it than what really was the reality. I was and still am a bad journal writer. I let thoughts fester in my head and sometimes they all come burbling out like baby propulsion vomit but that's not always a healthy option. I am a reflector, i have to ponder on things. It's within my nature. We all love the thought that we could type of many ramblings and they would encourage the world over, but thats not always the case. So is this my blogger 2.0?? At the moment its just me and you.....and maybe Pete. Ciao,