Sunday, January 3

It still hasnt gone away ya know

Its been a while.... I had deleted all my blog posts a while back and i cant remember when....or why. Blogger was one of my first journal adventures. It is raw, it is your thoughts and a keyboard and there is something i love about that. It's the very first Facebook status update. There is something champion about that. I joined the world and adventure of blogger all thanks to the influential Pete Martin. It was and still is raw. It is an avenue that i loved to walk down and one that if i'm honest, gathered more excitement and hope that i was good at it than what really was the reality. I was and still am a bad journal writer. I let thoughts fester in my head and sometimes they all come burbling out like baby propulsion vomit but that's not always a healthy option. I am a reflector, i have to ponder on things. It's within my nature. We all love the thought that we could type of many ramblings and they would encourage the world over, but thats not always the case. So is this my blogger 2.0?? At the moment its just me and you.....and maybe Pete. Ciao,


Peter Martin said...

Its been a long time since I last blogged lad athough I do a "bit" on our church site -

Always loved bloggin! Truth is it transformed me into someone who never wrote to someone who enjoys writing and still does. Unfortunately very few people still blog, I wish that they did!

I'm excited to see you return to bloggin, and for what its worth I believe you write well. Please let me know when you write as I'd love to keep up!

Warmest blessings,

Peter :-)